//Happening in Newcastlewest

Happening in Newcastlewest

Aldi opens in Newcastlewest

By Lylian Fotabong

                    Shopping has been made easier for the people of Newcastlewest, as Aldi opened its doors for the first time in the biggest town in Co. Limerick.
                     This morning, the supermarket giant unlocked its store on the 1500 square metre on the Nash’s yard, to the delight of many shoppers.
                     One shopper who was among the first customers to buy from the shop today said, “I am excited about the prospect of variety” and that Aldi will be here to stay.
                     Another local shopper said she received a lot of help  from the staff with finding whatever she wanted.
                     The shopper, who came with her few-months-old baby, said, she has always preferred Aldi and is delighted that she won’t be making any more long trips to an Aldi store far away from home.
Aldi Opens in #NCW
Fig 1: All fun as Aldi opened its first store in #Newcastlewest, Co. #Limerick
Photo by @Lylian_Fotabong

                     Another shopper, Ann, said: “Now, I can see stiff competition among supermarkets. Now, I hope that it will drive down the prices and make it more efficient for many people who are suffering, especially at this Christmas season.”

                     Today marked a turning point in the shopping options presented to the people of Newcastlewest. Aldi is the latest addition to other major supermarkets, including rival Lidl, Tesco, Supervalu and Centra.
                     The Aldistore in Newcastlewest is located on Nash’s Lane and Church St, which gives it a strategic location for vibrant business. Previously, the company said it would create up to 40 jobs. 
                     It is unclear if the new retailer has kept its promise. The managers said they wouldn’t be making any comment today.
                     It is expected that the opening of this new shop will add to revitalise the business of the town, which has continued to take serious economic blows.
                     In April this year, Garvey’s SuperValu joined the list of businesses to close their doors in the town. The closure cost the loss of about 45 full and part-time jobs.
                     A statement from the Aldi website said it has more than 114 stores across Ireland and is one of the fastest growing retailers in Ireland. 
Interview Clips
Listen to one shopper’s experience of first Aldi shop in Newcastlewest.
Click this link to listen:  http://chirb.it/w3414x