//Dry or Rainy Christmas?

Dry or Rainy Christmas?

Reasons to celebrate Christmas in Limerick

When I attended the 2011 Tall Ships Festival in Waterford, I was amazed at how similar the merriment were to my Christmas experiences in Cameroon. 

The array of food, people, businesses and ships that were showcasing their talents and crafts had no end to the distances they traveled. 

All of these brought back memories of an outstanding flamboyance of beauty, elegance and festivities, which are reminiscences of innocence and childhood.

The joys, the oneness, the openness brought a tear to my eyes. 

So at this special time, I want to know why people, especially immigrants in Limerick stay here, at home, far from home, to celebrate Christmas. 

Read my next article to find why people prefer to celebrate Christmas in Limerick and not in any other city or country.

Tall Ship Races (Waterford) (5)
2011 Tall ships event in Waterford constantly reminds me of Christmas
Photo by Lylian Fotabong